Behind the Scenes

The music starts. The slow organ entrance music showcased in a thousand movies. The audience knows their cue. As one, they stand, turn, and sigh as the bride makes her entrance. She will remember this, her moment in the spotlight, for the rest of her life. It is a moment worthy of remembrance, a moment worthy of a portrait’s immortalization.

When she thinks back on this moment, she’ll remember the music, the sighs, the lights – possibly how itchy the dress was, or hoping some last minute safety-pin tailoring isn’t showing. She’ll remember the trouble her mother had getting the curls in her hair to stay, and that moment the maid of honor couldn’t find the veil. She will remember everything leading up to that magical entrance more clearly, and perhaps more fondly, than the entrance itself. What happens behind the scenes of any event if often the most touching and the most distinctive part of the day. Remember to capture these moments, because they will tell a story like no other.




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Details Details

We mentioned before how paying attention to accessories can help make that “almost” dress into your “perfect” dress, but did you know that the same holds true for all aspects of your wedding?

Awhile back we were privileged to attend a fall wedding at Villa Antonia where these very details caught our eye! Against an unexpectedly rainy backdrop, the old country charm of the location stood out particularly well. Additions such as themed uniforms for the band, simplified cake decorations, and the all-important dress a gauzy masterpiece combined to give the entire event a classic but unique dreamlike feel we will be admiring for a long time to come.


Website Updates

I have some exciting news both for the website and for future posts. I just want to take a quick minute to say a few things:

First off, thank you all for the wonderful comments you have been leaving. We have a bunch lined up to be approved, and I can not promise that our busy office staff will get to these in the next day or so. We have started a system that will allow new comments to be posted much more quickly, though. If you have posted a question or request in the past, and you have not had a response from us, please feel free to repost now. If everything works out how we hope, we will be able to answer a great deal more of your questions!

Second, both our websites are undergoing background maintenance. This should not affect your use of the site, but if you do experience any problems, check back after a little while. If the issue is still there, feel free to shoot us a notice, we may not have noticed the problem ourselves!

We will have more posts of the sort you are looking for soon. Until then, enjoy this amazing Austin weather!

Thank you all,

Ron Parks and Team