Melinda and Adrian’s Wedding – SFA Hotel

Melinda and Adrian had their wedding ceremony at St. Mary Catholic Cathedral here in Austin. The Church was beautiful but the reception was held at the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel. With plenty of room to dance and a mariachi band, this couple and their guest danced until the horse carriage took the bride and groom away. Thanks again Melinda and Adrian for choosing us to photograph your special day, we had a blast!





Caitlin and Robby’s Plantation Wedding

Today we look back at a couple who knew how to put on a wedding. Caitlin and Robby’s wedding at Austin’s Plantation House. The ceremony looked beautiful taking place at a gazebo but the night really took off once the music was playing. We had a whole lot of fun and are sure the happy couple did too!





Superbowl Sunday Weddings

The Superbowl wasn’t the only big thing happening on Sunday. Ron Parks Photography has for two years photographed Super Sunday Weddings and we have to say they are just as big of an event. Our first Super Sunday Wedding was in 2011. Teri and Brian had a beautiful traditional ceremony at Faith Lutheran Church followed by a reception at Georgetown Community Center, with the game projected on the big screen. Our second wedding, a little more humble but just as memorable, was Lizzie’s wedding at the Chapel Dulcinea. We hope the couples love continues on even past this Valentine’s day.