Melinda and Adrian’s Wedding – SFA Hotel

Melinda and Adrian had their wedding ceremony at St. Mary Catholic Cathedral here in Austin. The Church was beautiful but the reception was held at the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel. With plenty of room to dance and a mariachi band, this couple and their guest danced until the horse carriage took the bride and groom away. Thanks again Melinda and Adrian for choosing us to photograph your special day, we had a blast!





Sarah & Taylor’s Wondrous Wedding

Couple weeks ago we posted Sarah’s Bridal Portraits and finally we have the pictures from the wedding!  We had a blast at their wedding in Thorndale, TX at the St. Paul Lutheran Church. It was a traditional, yet also a unique country wedding. Sarah wore an authentic and beautiful cowboy boots as her wedding shoes. Moreover, since Thorndale is a very small town with population of only about 1,500 so everyone knows each other or connected together somehow which was very fun and interesting!  Thus, this wedding was definitely a huge event for the town! All the guests were full of energy and it was so much fun working with the wedding party, they were enthusiastic, humorous and very lively! To sum it all up, it was a great day!  It was filled with laughter, sunshine, great food and decor! It was a memorable night and we want to congratulate the newly weds, Sarah & Taylor! We wish you guys the best!

Kerrie and Jody’s Wedding– at Shoreline Grill

This beautiful wedding was taken place at Shoreline Grill in Downtown Austin, TX. It had an amazing view overlooking the shores of lady bird lake! We wish Kerrie and Jody and the new family the happiest marriage and congratulations! Thank you for allowing us to share this wonderful moment with you guys. We enjoyed photographing the couple and the wedding guests, they were so much fun!

If you guys have the chance, you should definitely plan to eat at Shoreline Grill, not only do they host wonderful weddings and events, the food is beyond spectacular! 🙂 Hope you enjoy the photos!

Barr Mansion

I went by the Barr Mansion the morning after the storm hit, and this is what it looked like.


Yes the Mansion itself is as good as ever, and as someone who has been photographing weddings there for over 15 years, I will tell you what I told them the morning after: I remember shooting dozens of beautiful weddings out on the lawn, with picturesque receptions under the big tent. Both I and scores of happy couples from years gone by remember those days with great adulation…… and great photos! – Ron Parks